Harbor Soccer Club agrees to work with PenMet Parks on developing new fields

harbor-soccer-clubGIG HARBOR,WA— Harbor Soccer announced today that it has reached an agreement with PenMet Parks to develop 38 acres of PenMet owned land into a new outdoor soccer complex. In partnership with PenMet Parks, Harbor Soccer will develop the property – commonly known as Harbor Family Park and Knight Forest – into a Washington State athletic complex featuring multiple state-of-the-art, lighted artificial grass fields, among other improvements for use as a public park. The four proposed fields will be designed and developed for soccer but multi-sport usage may include; soccer, lacrosse, football, baseball, softball, etc.

“We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with Harbor Soccer to redevelop this currently underutilized community property. We are confident that the community will embrace this as it will only serve to solidify the Gig Harbor peninsula as a top recreation destination in our region as well as an economic creator in our community,” said Terry Lee, Executive Director, PenMet Parks.

“Harbor Soccer may be taking the first steps to develop this facility, but there is no doubt that all Gig Harbor youth sports will benefit from the new venue,” noted Jeff Wenrich, President of the Harbor Soccer Club. “Alongside our great partner, PenMet, we look forward to sharing this new park with the local community for generations to come.”

“PenMet Parks and Harbor Soccer have been in the planning stage of this project for most of the year,” maintained Todd Iverson, Board of Commissioners President, PenMet Parks, “and we eagerly await the improvements coming soon to this area.”

Harbor Soccer and its stakeholders are currently reviewing and assessing overall feasibility for this project. While a strict timeline has not been set, Harbor Soccer hopes to move forward with fundraising and development planning in the coming months.

Harbor Soccer Youth Director Mitchell James anticipates the impact of possible new fields. “As the new youth director here at Harbor Soccer Club, I am very excited for the future of Harbor Soccer. Developing state of the art fields and having our multiple directors create curriculums will only be planting seeds of success for future years.”

About Harbor Soccer
A qualified IRC 501(c)(3) non-profit organization since 1982, Harbor Soccer provides soccer programs and opportunities to all age levels and competitiveness. Harbor Soccer’s mission is to create an environment for players and families that provides the highest level of training, competition and player development in the State of Washington.

About PenMet Parks
The mission of the Peninsula Metropolitan Park district (PenMet Parks) is to enhance the quality of life on the Gig Harbor peninsula by providing park and recreational opportunities for all of its citizens.Our commitment to the health and wellness of our citizens is realized by crafting partnerships with volunteer and government organizations to acquire assets, develop and maintain high quality facilities, and preserve open space while providing diverse recreational programs and prudently managing District funds.

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