Poseidon: Sounders supporters dub Lodeiro “God of the Sea”


He’s been here less than a month, but Nicholas Lodeiro already has plenty of admirers in Seattle and a social media movement to declare him “Poseidon, God of the Sea.”

It all apparently started when autocorrect took “Lodeiro” and corrected it to “Poseidon.”

The movement likely  gained momentum here. Talk of using the nickname “Poseidon” for the new Sounder was buzzing on the SFC fan reddit page. Then a post on the same page declared that Lodeiro had been made aware and seemed to approve of his new nickname.

Could a Poseidon two-pole banner be next? Well of course it could.

Here’s the story on how that came together, with plenty of “making of” photos from Badluckbrianonabike.

Badluckbrianonabike poses with his Lodeiro two-pole.



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