Golazo Energy Drink goes bankrupt

We are late to the party on this one, as a google search takes us back to January of 2016, but the ‘news’ is that Seattle-based Golazo Energy Drink is no more.

Golazo came onto the scene with flashy, edgy street soccer videos and style, but eventually founder Richard Tait’s hopes for a big cola buyout never happened.

We talked with Tait back when Golazo was just getting started.

“First and foremost we want to make them proud, proud that a company from Seattle is pursuing something with the same passion and dedication that they have for the game at all levels,” Tait told us at the time. “Whether that is pick up at Bobby Morris, Sunday leagues at Marymoor or the passionate Sounders fans, we want them to look at Golazo and be proud that we are from Seattle, we are being innovative and pioneering, and a brand that is putting soccer first. Advocates for the amateur and fan alike, we want to be their drink; one that is clearly aligned with their values and love for the game.”

In 2011 a 3.7 million dollar investment seemed to boost hopes.

The Puget Sound Business Journal reported the bankruptcy earlier in 2016. They followed that up with the announcement that what was left of Golazo would be auctioned off. 

It’s not easy to start up a business like Golazo, and apparently the hip soccer angle was not sustainable.


There was a time when everything was fresh, new and hip in Seattle soccer. It was not that long ago, and it seemed there was plenty of room on the bandwagon. Golazo was part of that scene.

“We launched Golazo on October 31st 2010 in Seattle, “Soccer City, USA”, at the Sounders playoff game with those that love “the beautiful game” most,” Tait told us back then.


From the Golazo Facebook Page:


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