Port Angeles tops Sequim in second annual Super Cup

Sequim (Purple) against Port Angeles (Green) in the second annual “Super Cup.” (Jay R. Cline photo)

Players claiming allegiance to Port Angeles won a wild, fun 4-3 overtime victory over players representing Sequim on Saturday night at Peninsula Community College in the second annual “Super Cup.” The result evened the all-time series as last year it was Sequim who took a 1-0 win.

Gallery of Photos by Jay R. Cline (Cover photo by Jay R. Cline)

Match report / article from Peninsula Daily News

There was plenty of excitement, social media hype and coverage leading up to the match. The Peninsula Daily News ran several articles. One of them caught us up with the latest on Kyle Trussell, who played in the first Super Cup for Port Angeles and then was run over by a bulldozer while on the job.

Port Angeles won the second annual Super Cup 4-3 over Sequim and Kyle Trussell celebrated by hoisting the silver platter.

“I walked on the waterfront [Olympic Discovery] trail the other day for the first time [since he was injured] and was using a cane instead of a walker,” Trussell, who played in the inaugural edition of the area soccer derby last year, told the Daily News.

“My plan is to make an appearance without any cane, without a walker.”

Trussell’s plan came true. He was honored before the match, wearing a Port Angeles kit he hopes to use to play in for the 2017 Super Cup.

Kyle Trussell, at left, was honored for his inspirational fight back against a near-death accident last year.

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