Time to grow? EPLWA, WISL, NWPL put out expansion feelers

Is there interest in having more Washington towns involved in elite adult amateur indoor and outdoor soccer?

That’s what the Evergreen Premier League (EPLWA) , Northwest Premier League (NWPL) and Western Indoor Soccer League (WISL) are trying to find out as the leagues sent out social media ‘feelers’ via tweets and posts earlier this week. Their content was mainly a series of links to online forms where clubs can register their official interest.


Online Forms

Below are links to the forms clubs should use to register their interest in joining one of the leagues:

Evergreen Premier League “Application of Interest”

Northwest Premier League (Women) Online Application

Western Indoor Soccer League Online Application

What exactly are the leagues looking for in new clubs? It is a combination of things, including ownership groups with the funds to field teams and travel, a business plan, and access to quality soccer players.

Mainly, they want to assess interest in places where they currently don’t have teams. For the EPLWA that includes Eastern Washington and exploring if there are possibilities in places like Moses Lake, TriCities, Walla Walla and others.

The leagues believe there are plenty of good local elite adult amateur soccer players out there who don’t yet have access to play in the statewide competitions, but it is about more than just playing talent. All three leagues put emphasis on running solid soccer ‘businesses’ and building local community followings.

The EPLWA and NWPL have requirements that their clubs play in stadiums. The WISL (indoor) of course requires indoor soccer arenas.

Is 2017 the year your club goes bigger? Now is the time to make connections with these leagues and declare your interest while sharing your plans and dreams via the online applications.

EPLWA Logo-07-600

Evergreen Premier League (Elite Adult Amateur Men)


Current Teams: Bellingham United, Olympic Force (Bremerton), Seattle Stars, South Sound (Tacoma), Spokane Shadow, Vancouver Victory, Wenatchee FC, Yakima United.

NWPL Primary Crest

Northwest Premier League (Elite Adult Amateur Women)


Current Teams: Fuerza FC (Marysville), Olympic Force (Bremerton), Seattle Stars, South Sound (Tacoma), Spokane Shadow, Twin City Union (Centralia), Yakima United

WISL Logo - 600

Western Indoor Soccer League (Elite Adult Amateur Men Indoor)


Current Teams: Bellingham United, Olympic Force (Bremerton), Oly Town (Olympia), Snohomish Skyhawks, Sporting Everett FC, Tacoma Stars Reserves, Vancouver Victory 




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