Five matches: EPLWA title could be decided as early as this weekend

The third season of the Evergreen Premier League (EPLWA) could be decided as early as this weekend if everything goes the right way for Vancouver Victory FC.

The Victory are unbeaten at 8-0-2 with 26 points and four matches left to play. Vancouver hosts the Olympic Force on Sunday night at 6 PM at Harmony Sports Complex. By then they will know if that match could be their clincher.


The two other clubs still alive in the race, Bellingham United (6-3-1, 19 points) and Spokane Shadow (5-3-1, 16 points) are playing each other on Sunday at 3 PM at Civic Stadium in Bellingham. The night before the Shadow will be in Kent (French Field) to play the Seattle Stars at 7 PM. Here’s Vancouver’s ‘perfect storm’ to clinching this weekend: Seattle beats Spokane, Spokane beats Bellingham, and the Victory take care of things by beating the Force. If that is how it plays out, then V2FC win the 2016 EPLWA title on Sunday night.


However other matches go, if the Bellingham-Spokane match has a winner and a loser (it doesn’t end in a draw) and Vancouver wins, then the loser of the Bellingham-Spokane match is out.

It gets trickier if Spokane draws a match and wins the other this weekend. That would put their total possible points at 29 (if they won out the rest of the way.) If V2FC beats Olympic this weekend they would already be at 29. So it would make Saturday July 23rd’s Spokane at Vancouver match very interesting indeed. If the Shadow win both matches this weekend (they have never lost an away contest in the EPLWA) and V2FC wins, then Bellingham is out and the Shadow-Victory match on the 23rd would be Vancouver’s next chance to clinch.

What scenario haven’t I covered? If Spokane beats Seattle and then draws at Bellingham, the Shadow are still barely alive – but that same draw would eliminate the Hammers (because Vancouver holds tiebreakers against the Hammers) if V2FC beats the Force.

Matches remaining:

Vancouver Victory FC (need 6 points  – wins or chasers losses – to clinch title)

July 17 – Olympic Force
July 23 – Spokane Shadow
July 24 – at Olympic Force
July 30 – at Yakima United

Bellingham United

July 17 – Spokane Shadow
July 23 – at Yakima United
July 24 – at South Sound
July 31 – Seattle Stars

Spokane Shadow

July 16 – at Seattle Stars
July 17 – at Bellingham United
July 23 – at Vancouver Victory
July 24 – at Wenatchee FC
July 30 – South Sound

EPLWA Tiebreakers

1. Total Number of League Wins
2. Head-to-Head Points
3. Goal Differential (GD) – between the tied teams – not weighted home/away goals.
4. Goals For (GF)
5. Road Goal Differential
6. Road Goals For
7. Home Differential
8. Home Goals For
9. Coin Toss (2 teams) or Drawing of Lots (3 or more teams)


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