Hope Solo blogs: “Time for Change”

Hope Solo has released a blog post that takes a look at the state of women’s pro soccer. It’s called “Time for Change.” Read it here.

We have a crisis on our hands, and the players of the NWSL want to see more from our commissioner and our league.  We lose a lot of players — quality players for the league — over time because they can’t afford it. In the end, to watch them realize their dreams aren’t sustainable is very hard to watch — and there are a lot of broken dreams for women in our sport.

Commissioner Plush, please: If you truly value the players in this league and want the NWSL to be a model for women’s professional leagues around the world, listen to what we’re saying. Go to some of these hotels, training facilities and games yourself. See the conditions of the league up close. And after you’ve taken it all in, be the leader we need you to be.


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