EPLWA: Vancouver Victory in driver’s seat to claim first championship

EPLWA Logo-07-600Two months of action have been completed and now comes July, when the Evergreen Premier League heats up just like the summer. In 2014 and 2015 this time of year meant dominance for the Spokane Shadow, who are two-time defending league champions. In 2016 a different club is in the driver’s seat to win the EPLWA — Vancouver Victory FC.

The Victory are unbeaten after 8 matches at 7-0-1 with 22 standings points. In a logjam behind them are a bunch of clubs on 16 points that need plenty of help to catch up.


Vancouver has the most points in the EPLWA (22) – and they have also played the fewest matches (8). It doesn’t take a math wizard to conclude the Victory are in good shape and hold their own destiny. It’s true – the cold hard number for V2FC is 10. If they can put together 10 points anyway anyhow out of their remaining 6 matches then they will be Evergreen Premier League Champions. The magic point total of 32 is one that no other club can reach. If Bellingham or Spokane were to win out, going 5-0-0 in their final five matches, they could only reach 31 total points.

Will the EPLWA remain light blue in July? V2FC are 10 points from clinching.

The Victory know what they need to do, but you can’t blame them for perhaps keeping it to themselves. This is a club still stinging from last year’s collapse in July that saw them sink to third place, and a club that suffered through a brutal first season (1-9-0) indoors in the WISL. Now they need 3 wins and a draw over six matches to take home a title.

Vancouver City flag.

Remaining Schedules

How does the schedule play out? See the fixture lists below. Vancouver have 2 home and 4 away. Bellingham United can clear space for themselves with home matches against Spokane and South Sound. The Shadow have four straight away matches – but history says that is right where they want to be – the Shadow have never lost a road match in the EPLWA. South Sound have only 3 matches left, 2 of those against Bellingham.

v2fc-full-color-crest-croppedVancouver Victory FC

July 7   @Seattle
July 10 @Wenatchee
July 17  Olympic
July 23  Spokane
July 24  @Olympic
July 31  @Yakima

bufc-clearBellingham United

July 10  South Sound
July 17  Spokane
July 23 @Yakima
July 24 @South Sound
July 31  Seattle Stars

shadow-sc-500Spokane Shadow

July 16 @Seattle
July 17 @Bellingham
July 23 @Vancouver
July 24 @Wenatchee
July 30  South Sound

ssfc-500South Sound

July 10 @Bellingham
July 24  Bellingham
July 30 @Spokane


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