EPLWA: Video of Nick Cashmere goal goes viral

People like seeing good goals. In the case of Nick Cashmere’s run and score last Saturday night for Bellingham United in Evergreen Premier League play, folks are clicking play and repeat. The video clips have now been watched thousands of times and have yet to even be uploaded to YouTube (update). The buzz is all from EPLWA’s Facebook and Twitter pages, and the social shares that have followed.

The classy score from Cashmere was great to see at regular speed, but certainly was worth the slo-mo version the league later posted as well:


Did you catch the rolling step-over move early on?

Nick has excelled in Washington’s indoor and outdoor leagues. He has several Player of the Week honors and was part of the Bellingham United 2016 Western Indoor Soccer League (WISL) championship team.

“Nick is a very dynamic player,” Hammers former indoor head coach Mark Lackey says in this feature. “He is technically gifted, extremely fast and finishes very well.”

Cashmere grew up in Bellingham and has played overseas in Costa Rica. He wears the captain’s armband for Bellingham. Despite the stunner his side lost on the night to the Olympic Force, 6-2.


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