Time for some (Danish) football and laughs with SIFF

siff-detailThe Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) is bringing in the sport of soccer for some true-life drama, and laughs.

“The Summer of ’92” will show May 30, June 4 & 5 in three Seattle-area theaters. 

The Movie: The Danish national football team, a group of ragtag underdogs already knocked out in 1992 UEFA Euro playoffs, must pull themselves together in only a week when another country forfeits their spot in this Full Monty for footballers.

“Summer of ’92” is the real life story of an amazing run by the Danish National Team after a surprise re-entry into European play.

In 1992, the Danish national fùtbol team failed to qualify for the European championships. But after Yugoslavia was disqualified under UN sanctions for civil conflict, the Danes found themselves in the tournament by default. What ensued was one of the most improbable runs in sports history. Directed by Kasper Barfoed, who saw the ’92 UEFA Euro final as a child, this footy-infused dramedy chronicles Denmark’s improbable championship victory.

Viewers on IMDB have enjoyed Sommeren ’92.

Amid players quitting and returning in defiance of coach Richard Møller Nielsen (Ulrich Thomsen), they still find the back of the net and victories begin lining up. Kim Vilfort (Mikkel Boe Følsgaard) leads the attack for a defensive Danish squad while his 7-year-old daughter fights a losing battle against leukemia.

Despite personal tragedies, this rag-tag team perseveres until they achieve a triumph, one that has been ingrained in Danish and European fùtbol lore. This dramatization offers plenty for those of us who believe in miracles against insurmountable circumstances and relish in sporting upsets that defy the very nature of what it means to be a champion.


Danish-language trailer:


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