Dave Simeone brings national experience to FC Bellevue

BELLEVUE, WA— (club release) FC Bellevue (FCB) is proud to announce the latest addition to its coaching lineup – Dave Simeone, a leading US Women’s National and Olympic team coach has signed on to be FCB’s Technical Adviser. Simeone brings over 30 years of experience training young men and women to become elite soccer players on a national stage. His long, accomplished career in the word of soccer includes achievements such as:

  • Gold and bronze medals in the U.S. Olympic Sports Festival (1989 and 1993)
  • Developing numerous players to advance to the final round of the Women’s World Cup 1999-2004], winning the world cup in 1994
  • Building teams across the country that have gone on to compete at both regional and national levels.
  • National Staff Coach (NSC) with the U.S. Women’s National Team Program between 1999 to 2004
  • DOC for North Texas Soccer and South Texas Youth Soccer
  • United States Soccer Federation “A” License

12003307_1484792618488284_1951331367917464780_nSimeone’s talent and desire to develop the youngest soccer players, teaching them the technical foundations they’ll need to compete and building their confidence, is what initially attracted him to FCB. “from Dave here, “So many clubs today are focused on winning and drawing the biggest, most athletic kids to their program. FCB’s approach is different and aligns with my belief that any player can be great with the right training and the right coaching. I want to reach players while they’re young, while their minds and muscles are like sponges. As a growing program on the Eastside, FCB affords players the opportunity to learn soccer the right way, with coaches who truly care about their personal development.”]

In his role as Technical Advisor, Simeone will be fleshing out FCB’s soccer curriculum which utilizes academy style training. Many clubs today use the one coach to one team teaching model. FCB believes players benefit from having multiple eyes on them. Some coaches may connect better with some kids. Some kids may learn better from each other. Academy style training allows several coaches to work with all the teams in the club and it puts several teams on the field at the same time training together. Boys and girls are on the field with each other. Younger players can learn from older teammates and older players have the opportunity to mentor younger ones. It fosters a feeling of family and embodies the meaning of team.

“We are thrilled to have Dave join us and can’t wait to see what his enthusiasm and talent bring to our organization,” said Coach Sheldon Daniel. “Not many clubs can boast having a World Cup coach on their staff. Dave won’t just make our players better, he will make our coaches better too!”

“Simeone was my mentor as a player and a young coach. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with him again and I’m excited to have him help take our club to the next level.” — Darrel Marcelle, FCB Director of Coaching

FC Bellevue was founded as a premiere soccer club in Bellevue in May, 2015. It plays under U.S. Club Soccer and is in the Puget Sound Premier League. The club is getting ready to start its second year and is currently growing its teams and staff. More information can be found at http://www.fcbellevue.org.


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