Q & A: Why and how did the Evergreen Premier League happen?


Footy Americano blog features an interview with Evergreen Premier League Communications Director David Falk. The Q & A covers from before the start of the league right up to the present pre-season.


Please, tell who you are and what it is that you do with the Evergreen Premier League.

David Falk, Director of Communications. I handle press releases, email, website, social media and promotion / marketing. I was one of the original founders of the league back in 2013.

I understand that doing this must take up a lot of your time. What is it that drives you to do the work that you are doing?

Yes, helping the Evergreen Premier League is pretty-much a year-round thing for me. I also am helping with the Western Indoor Soccer League (WISL) and the new Northwest Premier League (NWPL), the women’s outdoor counterpart to the EPLWA. It’s thousands of hours per year between all of them. The leagues do pay me a volunteer stipend, but certainly the effort involved comes mainly from a desire to see the game grow at the adult elite club level in Washington. What drives me is a love for the sport, the culture we are building and the players, coaches and fans that work so hard to represent their hometowns on match day.

From this motivation you must have came up with a plan, a vision. Can you remember the moment you convinced yourself that the Evergreen Premier League would be brought to life?

Jeff McIntyre, the founder and owner of Ruffneck Scarves, was also the founder and original owner of Bellingham United Football Club. They played two seasons in the Canadian-based Pacific Coast Soccer League (PCSL). Ruffneck and my soccer blog, goalWA.net, have had a sponsorship relationship since 2011. So we met at a Starbucks and the thrust to get a league like the PCSL into Washington was discussed. I knew I could use goalWA.net as a way to introduce the idea and get the word out, so that is what we did. I came up with the name “Evergreen Premier League,” as Washington is nicknamed “The Evergreen State.” It was also fun that the initials were “EPL,” a common term used for the “English Premier League” back in the days before the Barclay deal made it the “BPL.” All we could do was put the ideas out there. I had some notion it could happen because there were some clubs looking for a league. But I was happily surprised when we opened it up for club applications that we had 19 clubs apply, and a good number of them were quality applications.”

Read the rest at Footy Americano!


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