Everett United hopes to eventually join EPLWA


EVERETT, WA— Jesus Machuca knows the Evergreen Premier League will begin its third season this year without his Everett United side as part of the league. That hasn’t stopped him from continuing to prepare for a time he hopes the EPLWA will look his way, to his club.

Jesus Machuca on the Everett sidelines.

Machuca, the owner of Everett United, has been involved in many of the soccer programs that have been established in Everett. He helped form Fuerza FC and other local clubs and leagues. Everett United was established with the purpose of helping promote soccer in Everett and helping the ones that couldn’t afford to play select soccer play on a select team with very little cost or no cost at all.

As his players hit their adult years he’s hoping they get the chance to compete in the statewide league. One way to get that done is to schedule friendlies, and so far this spring Everett United has committed to travelling to Bellingham to play EPLWA club Bellingham United at Civic Stadium on April 9 and to Wenatchee to play EPLWA side Wenatchee FC at the Apple Bowl in April 16. Everett United applied to join the EPLWA in 2014.

Everett United FC Facebook Page

“Currently we are not playing in a league,” owner Jesus Machuca says. “We have submitted an application to the EPLWA to join the league so our premier team can play and show the talent that we have in Everett. Before starting our training and preparation to get our club ready to be accepted into the EPLWA our premier team was competing in the Olympic Soccer League in Everett. Right now our team is focusing on preparing for our friendly games (against EPLWA sides.) These games are important to our premier team so we can evaluate our work and perfect it, and what better way than playing teams from the Everegreen Premier League. These teams are very competitive and will definitely help our team improve the quality of soccer we play.”


Machuca says most of EUFC’s players come from local high schools and colleges. Everett United FC was established in 2009.

“Our club started in 2009 with a group of friends making a team to compete in a local youth league,” Machuca recalls. “The first team played in couple tournaments and was a finalist in all of them. Everett United has always been a competitive team and a team that always honors fair play in all matches. In 2014 we played two games against Vancouver Victory FF from the EPLWA and proved that we have a strong program in Everett and can compete with big clubs. Our team is formed out of players who want to show the talent that they have and want to be able to be seen by bigger clubs and maybe even get to a professional level.”


Everett United is a grass roots club with a big heart. “We are dedicated to helping the community and the Hispanic community in Everett where there are a lot of talented players that don’t have the access to premier or select clubs because of the high prices to play select soccer. Our club goal is to keep providing access to high level training and competitions for all the players that are interested.”

Machuca is willing to dream big. “Another one of our goals is to actually compete in a professional division of soccer in the future and be able to keep bringing the local talent we have in Everett to the big stages of this beautiful game.”

Everett Memorial Stadium is the cover photo on Everett United’s Facebook Page.

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