Northwest college club teams join West Coast Association


The West Coast Soccer Association (WCSA) is proud to announce partnership with the  Northwest Collegiate Club Soccer Conference (NCCSC).

The NCCSC is comprised of six universities in Washington and Idaho. All Clubs within the league are supported by recreation departments at their institutions and are apart of United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA).

The schools are Eastern Washington University, Gonzaga University, Washington State University, University of Idaho, Central Washington University and Seattle University. 

Eastern Washington.



WSU Men WSU Women / Gonzaga Women Gonzaga Men

EWU Women EWU Men /  CWU Men CWU Women

Seattle U Men Seattle U Women

This Fall both the Gonzaga Men and Women Programs won their respective divisions and recieved an invite to the National Intramural Sports and Recreational Sports Regional Tournaments hosted by the WCSA in Eugene Oregon and Cal Poly Slo respectively.  Washington State Men and Women Programs also advanced to these events.  Gonzaga Men advanced the Finals to come up short to WCSA Intermountain Conference Champion Weber State.  Complete Results can be seen at

Washington State.

College Soccer Club programs are student run orgizations that offer college athletes the ability to play at a competitive level, but without the time commitment generally required for a sport governed by the NCAA.  Collegiate club sports differ from NCAA sports in the way that they are almost entirely paid for by students through student fees, generally between 50 dollars and 1500 dollars a year. This offers the students a unique opportunity because the club team is actually theirs since they finance the team. This may include picking and paying a coach, nominating a treasurer, buying team jerseys, paying for and deciding on team travel, etc. This means that the captains of club sport teams are much more like managers in comparison to the captains of NCAA teams. However, some universities or colleges will donate between 1,000 and 2,000 dollars to each club team per year.

Eastern Washington.

The WSU Women’s Soccer Club is a student-led and student-ran team. The club was created in the Fall of 2011 by two students who had a great passion for the game. Since then, this program have been apart of three leagues, including WCSA. They compete with nearby universities such as EWU, Central, Gonzaga, etc. and usually finish second in our league. “The club has been fortunate enough to expand from regional competition within the state of Washington, to national competition in nearby states like Oregon, Montana and California. Fall 2015 was a great milestone for us as we competed in the Regionals tournament for the first time in our short history. As a team we only aim for more and strive to improve,” WSU Team Captain Brieanna Cunningham commented . “We hope to continue moving up in recognition and success for years to come.”  WSU Team Captain Brieanna Cunningham commented.”

Central Washington.

2015 was the first year both the Men and Women Club teams from these schools were apart of the WCSA and both parties are interested in their continuing this relationship next year. The WCSA is an association of the California, Nevada, Utah, and select Arizona/Idaho club soccer programs that has two a Fall Season and Spring Season.  In the Fall the teams compete to qualify for the NIRSA National Soccer Tournament and the Spring they compete to qualify for the WCSA National Showcase Tournament.

Many of college club players have continued extended their playing carrers with Varsity Programs, National Premier Soccer League teams, USL-PDL, and even MLS.

Central Washington.

Many of college club players have continued extended their playing carrers with Varsity Programs, National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) teams, USL, and even MLS.  Recent Sacramento Republic and ex-MLS player Justin Braun is a prime example of this. He began his career at Salt Lake City Community College, a WCSA affiliate.  Other players like San Diego State University Men Club Soccer alumni Mark Revell or 2015 CalSouth Adult Player of the Year Greg Norris have contributed to their respective school varsity programs.  Last summer the WCSA had two players, Baris Demirliog and Ivan Maric were apart of the Real San Jose program.




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