Trinity soccer announces awards in shadow of school closure news

It’s truly bittersweet for the Trinity Lutheran Soccer program as they reflect on an upstart season that suddenly will become the last for the school.

Trinity announced that they are closing. See the press release here. Read about the Eagles’ accomplishments in soccer below.

trinity_lutheran_college_soccer-logoEVERETT, WA—Six Trinity student-athletes were recently honored by the NCCAA. Bryant Maxey, Tulio Melo, and Carlos Magana were named to the NCCAA West Region Men’s All-Region Team. Breann Moren, Jalisa Santiago, and Tia Carillo were named to the NCCAA West Region Women’s All-Region Team.

“It’s a huge accomplishment being named to the All-Region Team. Hard work pays off and I thank my teammates and Tim Colvin making me a better player and leader. I’m really proud and happy for everyone who was recognized,” said Bryant Maxey, a senior majoring in Business. Maxey was also named a 2015 NCCAA Scholar-Athlete as was Tia Carillo, a senior psychology major.

“To be a good student athlete, all you need is commitment, work ethic and pride. Staying on top of your school is the most important. Soccer only takes up about two hours out of one’s day… make those two hours on the field worth it. Take pride in your schooling and on the field. Put everything you have into them and good things will come,” said Maxey.

For Jalisa Santiago, a junior majoring in Children, Youth & Family Studies, the highlight of the season was a game against Northwest University.

“They are a tough team and we played hard against them. We were up 1 to 0 then went into overtime and it ended as a loss. But that was a game that I felt everyone really gave all they had,” said Santiago.

“I feel very thankful and honored to be named to the All-Region Team. I’m thankful for the game of soccer and for the opportunity to play. I plan to continue to work hard and grow as a player,” Santiago said.

Tulio Melo, a freshman from Divinopolis, Brazil, was one of the leaders in goals scored this season. He cites leading in goals scored as a freshman along with teammate Maxey as a big highlight of his season.

“I believe that all the hard work I have been doing paid off. My teammates have a big impact on this award and mainly my family that has been always supporting me,” said Melo.

Carlos Magana, a freshman, was also a leader in goals scored.

“I think one of the most memorable moments for me was when I scored the first goal of the season against the Samoan national team during the preseason,” said Magana. “Coming from Highland, the small high school in Cowiche, Wash., receiving this award really means a lot to me and everybody that has supported me throughout this journey that has just begun for me. I am extremely grateful for my family and teammates that also had a big part in me receiving this award.”

Breann Moren, a freshman studying Psychology, was named Player of the Year in addition to being named to the All-Region Team.


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