San Diego presentation highlights Washington’s elite adult soccer scene


Peter Ostrovsky, John Motta, Tim Busch, Duncan Riddle, Mike Edwards, Lance Calloway at USASA Region IV Board of Directors meeting.

R-STATE.pngSAN DIEGO, CA — The Evergreen Premier League was once again in the soccer spotlight as United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) Region IV held its Board of Directors meeting in January in San Diego.

EPLWA President Peter Ostrovsky and WSASA Vice President of Competition Lance Calloway made a presentation regarding Washington’s statewide adult premier leagues to the USASA Region IV Board of Directors, which was also attended by USASA President John Motta, Executive Director Duncan Riddle and US Soccer Federation Executive Vice President Mike Edwards. Also present representing the state was Washington State Adult Soccer Association (WSASA) President Tim Busch.

“We used a article as a handout for those watching the presentation,” noted Ostrovsky. “After the event every single copy had been taken from the table.”

See the slideshow created for the presentation below.

Slide 1: Elite Premier Leagues In WA

Slide 2: Intro Peter & Lance

Slide 3: Peter-EPL WA introduction discuss formation 2013
WSASA/USASA affiliated
8 original clubs | 14 match season late Apr-late July
Lance-discusss history with PCSL why not in WA

Slide 4 Peter-Local/regionalized play
Community support-several supporters groups

Slide 5 Lance-Players league |flexibile rosters|focus on professional envoronment | high level of play | rules for player benefit

Slide 6 Peter– Player recognition | POTW Socks

Slide 7 Peter– Cooperation | teams working together | S Sound U23 championship

Slide 8 Lance-Connected | social media important | teams have sites & Facebook accounts | Good following Bellingham United over 6000 friends

Slide 9 Peter-Governance | teams direct direction & rules | AGM’s | League teams agree on fees

Slide 10 Lance-Indors | past experience with national league | Affiliated with WSASA insurance | 10-12 match season

Slide 11 Peter-Futbol Rapido | great games | several WISL clubs also EPL WA

Slide 12 Peter-Community | great support at matches | many teams average 250-300 fans a match

Slide 13 Lance-Champions | creating great experiences for men wanting to continue playing high level. Several player to MASL

Slide 14 Peter-The Future | Northwest Premier League | Expanding to a women’s league | Several EPL WA squads to field womens squads


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